A food blog… it was kind of inevitable.

A part-time (once upon a time, it was the only thing not paying the bills) hack, working in digital marketing, who spends any spare cash challenging the top buttons of his jeans, but has a really bad memory.

At least I’ve roped the missus in for some ‘quality time’!


Why blog?

There are definitely better things we could be doing with our time (than responding to hate mail).

Of course, documenting our experiences as a couple is… nice.

But, really, this blog was born out of frustration… well, actually, quite a few frustrations!

Here are a couple of blogs we cooked up earlier that will tell you all you need to know:


What this blog IS NOT:

  • An advert for restaurants/places we’re friends with, work with and/or get paid by
  • An A-Z of restaurants in South Wales: just look on TripAdvisor.
  • A menu description: just look on the restaurant’s website and insert the word ‘great’ after each dish (that seems to be what most restaurant bloggers do).
  • A vehicle to get me a job or free stuff – I’ve already worked as a full-time hack and have no desire to go back!


What this blog IS:

  • Completely independent: I don’t make friends easily – have you seen our Twitter?!
  • Completely honest: if it’s no good, we’ll say it – even if it’s Tommy Heaney (N.B. it could be great – we’re waiting for the hyperbole to die down before we venture to his new restaurant in Cardiff though).
  • An account of the dining (and other) experiences I can be bothered to write about – I’ve got a life, so unless it’s amazing or completely awful, it’s unlikely I’ll waste my time finding clever ways to say it was ok.


Anatomy of a name

You may think it’s nonsense.

You may think we just wanted to incorporate the word beard.

You may think we were trying to be funny.

Of course, you are right…

However, we did subsequently put a bit of thought into it.


  • Mr. B.B. has a beard (most of the time)
  • Mrs. B.B. is very unimpressed on the rare occasions Mr. B.B. doesn’t


  • (they, or someone says) the bigger the burp, the more satisfying the meal
  • (we say) we aren’t culinary experts: we are noshers with opinions


– Mr. B.B.